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The Teachings Of An Advanced Being (E​-​Book)

by Professor A. Karim Darwish


Preserver notes: I went to Professor A. Karim Darwish for healing regarding P.T.S.D. and how to get out of The Matrix (created by Society). After a very intense Ayahousca Primordial Dream Therapy Meditation Session, I had many questions about this new reality of plant spirits, 5th dimensional realms and how to heal my body from the food side of the matrix. I was very blown away by the teachings of the Professor because he allowed me to gather my thoughts and was encouraging me to grow, while not inflicting his own thoughts, beliefs or anything onto me. These are the teachings of a true advanced being.

Professor Karim's Final Speech on plant medicine before transitioning www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH1Gfd32sTk

6/27/16 You're Welcome Star

7/1/16 Wonderful

7/6/16 Great Brother

7/16/16 Flow On Kid

7/26/16 Cool

7/26/16 Fasho

7/28/16 Thankhs Bruh

7/28/16 Cool

7/31/16 I will try to make it work

8/1/16 Yes

8/2/16 Happy Tuesday You Need a large shirt?

8/2/16 I gotta try Portland but Cali is FYA

8/3/16 Cool I am with it Bro
I am heading back to philly now

8/3/16 I will be in New York tomorrow

8/2/16 We usually there late 11 to midnite

8/5/16 Heading back now! Chinese Bus! Midnite in Philly

8/6/16 More Power To You

8/7/16 Yo Homie! Wazup!

8/7/16 Cool

8/7/16 Some good shit bruh



Ok you wanna see me tonight whats poppin cuz
I am here

You crazy bruh
Healing the nation bro

Hit me up!
Cool you coming to Stanley Clarkes concert in Philly

Vernon Park Philly
August 20,2016

You're Welcome!
Big Hands

How did your gig go bruh$

I am considering vending tomorrow
Stanley Clarke


You're Welcome
Yo Homie Wazup?

I had a dynamic day yesterday
I am chillin and recovering today
Did not go went to Clarke Park

One of My homies plays a role in Oz Gano Grills...
I feel you bruh

We can give you a talisman

So True!

They bypass that by teaching They are God *
There is only Allah everything else is an illusion! *
It must be actualized by those Supreme Beings That Know They Are God* (5 Percenters)

I heard that!
Its due to not dealing with nature and creation in a wholistic way. Too much duality...(Dharma off balanced in the world) *

Wasup Kidd!
I am coming back South today still in the Apple
Leaving Bklyn now should be in Philly by 9:00pm
One Love Bredren!

8/28/16- ??? (unknown dates)
Do your thing bruh!
I am on my way on the Chinese Bus NOW!
Cool Thankhs!
Crossing Ben Franklin Bridge NOW!
I am here waiting
Detox and parasite cleanse for everybody *
Yes making them shit *
With tasty fruit and green smoothies *
Not now but i can take you to the place
Lifestyle is key for health and longevity*
Good cookies man!
How was the gig last night?
You gotta make sure You stay in the now *
Yeah and stay in it and don't waver! * (One's own lane)
Yo homie wazup? You Cool?
On Chinese Bus and going to meet with this cat on 50th st. West Philly Ananda Ji He is opening a psychedelic venue for high frequency light and sound show for spiritual development I overstand
This is some San Francisco Shit never seen in Philly. He wants me in on the team. Cat is up on the healthy eatin too. Fly situation bruh! West Philly! Sera-Phil
Sacred Geometry and Avatar Holgrams 2...
Nothing exactly like this in the world
First time for Philly
Electric Lady Land on Steroids
this cat ain't playin
He has the most guitars i ever saw in my life
Holds by law about 50 attendees
He did this shit in Cali and had limos pullin up
He brought it East cause we need it here too
I will find out grand opening date tonight
This shit is gonna be fya
I will find out if he needs a bass playa
I feel you cool
Just touching base
Yes i know one of the founders (12 tribes of israel)
I was his neighbor in Queens
Wazu Bro?
K if you find out let me know
Yes i am

I think s
(thumbs up internet symbol)
It is tomorrow too!
(thumbs up internet symbol)
There is no event today it was cancelled (internet sad face symbol) Nice flick (dmt spirit molecule)
Yeah its so cool (explorative vibes)
Cool Cool though
(thumbs up internet symbol)
You need a backup shirt different colour but Krishna just the same, Hare Krishna!


"The Teachings Of An Advanced Being" Preserved by Rick Reinhart


released May 23, 2017



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