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FSW Show Business (2018, chronological order)

FSW World Champion Rick Smooth, goes ballistic in this bone chilling Interview about Delaware County Wrestling Legend The Sandman and Mike "The Plumber" Dahdum.

The debut of "The Big Mouth" Bobby Valentino in FSW.

"The Big Mouth" Bobby Valentino addressing the fans of FSW and stirring up the pot in the organization.

The Italian Playboy Johnny Deuce is visibly upset with "The Big Mouth" Bobby Valentino's comments.

"The Italian Playboy" Johnny Deuce and FSW World Champion Rick Smooth, make an example out of "The Big Mouth" Bobby Valentino.

The return of former FSW World Champion Darby "The Dublin Destroyer" O'Reilly after a severe head injury.

Darby O'Reilly calls out FSW new comer, Ian Short.

Ian Short, responds to Darby O'Reilly's open challenge

"The Italian Playboy" Johnny Deuce begins to show jealousy about his life long friend Rick Smooth's Championship Run and continues his verbal assault on "The Big Mouth" Bobby Valentino.

Darby O'Reilly begins to show signs of multiple personalities, a side effect from his concussion when he was once the world champion, in a previous life.

Darby O'Reilly's response to getting jumped by Ian Short on the steps of The Philadelphia Art Museum, in the midst of Superbowl Madness

Darby O'Reilly comes clean about the significance of his head injury to the fans of FSW and lets everyone know about his goals, in the wrestling league.

The debut of Paul "The Pool Shark" Rodriguez, on his favorite table, in his favorite bar.

The debut of The Brotha Man, as he sells FSW Champion Rick Smooth, the new jewel of FSW... "The Italian Stallion Medallion"

FSW World Champion Rick Smooth turns on the fans of FSW and shows all of his female fan base, why he is "The Pussy Annihilator" of FSW.

Paul "The Pool Shark" Rodriguez gets thrown out of a bar and Rick Smooth waits in the car and give his side of the story on edge.

Rick Smooth continues his hot streak with the female fans of FSW.

The debut of "The Rock Star" Paul Baroli, Darby O'Reilly gets hardcore and Rick Smooth crashes a concert at the Legendary ECW Arena, nearly shutting down the whole concert.

Darby O'Reilly lands a big commercial deal overseas, making him an international superstar overseas.

The Return of FSW (2017, in chronological order)

The Legendary Contract Signing between J.P. Shopa and Rick Smooth, which turns Rick Smooth into a superstar in FSW.

President J.P. Shopa, first act as president, he hires the "All American Camera Man" to FSW.

The All American Cameraman comes out from behind the camera and reveals that he has always wanted to be a wrestler

An El Chupa Cabra sighting in Chinatown

FSW Legend Mike "The Plumber" Dahdum returns to FSW and threatens President J.P. Shopa.

Up and coming Superstar El Chupa Cabra breaks into the wrong house

In the midst of his legendary run as FSW champion, Rick Smooth burns down the house of FSW up and coming Superstar, The All American Camera Man

Rick Smooth and his thoughts about the people involved in the fire

"The Environmental Specialist" Brenden O'Connor and "The Italian Playboy" Johnny Deuce have sit down interviews.

Rick Smooth brings his lawyer in, John K. Burn, just in case any funny stuff comes about from the fire.

Rick Smooth and "The Italian Playboy" Johnny Deuce promo about what a champion does

The All American Camera Man makes FSW history

The All American Cameraman, shocks the fans of FSW and shows his true colors after returning from Ireland.

The debut of The Barflies (Barry Beatdown and Jimmy D)

F.S.W. Season Finale- President J.P. Shopa's legendary promo shutting down sexual harassment, President Trump and speaking on The All American Camera Man. Rick Smooth makes FSW history.

Classic F.S.W./S.W.W. Content (1998-2002)

FSW Highlight Role

Hardcore match Rosatti vs. Pelegrino

Mike "The Plumber" Dahdum, Jared Dasch and The Retard vs. Kev Pay Day, Polish Putski and The Spy

For Control of FSW- Chuck Chagez vs. Shopa

S.W.W. Kendo Stick Match @ Bailey- Tom Coko vs. "Superstar" Sean Cannon

FSW Legend Bo Red takes on The Evil Easter Bunny at the FSW Arena.

S.W.W. Tag Team Title match The Nation Of Dahmeration vs. Bobby C and Mike Egan

Gartude vs. Pierre Jobbier

S.W.W. Kendo Stick Match Roach vs. El Dandy

World Title Match- Mr. Electricity Chuck Chagez (champion) vs. Jared Dasch

Sweet Breath vs. Pierre Jobbier

One of the first matches after S.W.W. switched over to becoming F.S.W.- Dan "The Fact" Mairs vs. Y2Dahdum


released January 4, 2018



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