1. The Philadelphia Music Scene
    Volume 2 compilation

  2. The Philadelphia Music Scene
    Volume 1 compilation

  3. Free
    Starr Shelow Presents

  4. Sail Into The Infinite
    Rick Reinhart

  5. STARR (a tribute)
    Rachel Conrad ft/ Kalil

  6. Play It Loud
    G. Calvin Weston (featuring John Medeski)

  7. Intergalactic
    The Scientist meets King Lionheart and Sunstarr13

  8. Live At The Sidebar
    Rob Perna Trio

  9. Live In Kempton
    Flux Capacitor

  10. The Living Womb EP
    Brandon Howard

  11. SHOW ME
    JamboSoulBeat - ft / Bulliford

  12. The Knockout Round (Round 1)
    Ali And The Cassius Clays

  13. B4 the ArtParty

  14. Turbo Suit w/ BlendMode At Silk City (DJ Set Wyllys)
    Altered States (10-23-15)

  15. Bare Bones
    Bianca Boom Meets The Scientist

  16. Effigy (DJ Set)
    The Gathering Of The Tribes

  17. YAYA
    JamboSoulBeat / ft. Rusty Stone

  18. The Cat Lady

  19. Ultimate (The Singles)

  20. Preservation Of The Vibes
    Creation Activity

  21. The Secred Parade
    Mark Mullen

  22. Electro-Blue

  23. Live From An Old Time Town
    The Whiskeyhickon Boys

  24. Live In Wilks-Barre 4-18-14
    American Babies

  25. OffworlD Chronicles

  26. 3RDi
    Inspired By The Offerings Of Mojo Risin

  27. The Day The Goths Came Thru (DJ Set)
    Kemdis House Warming Party

  28. Live At West Chester University
    Mark Mullen

    Psychedelic Superstar

  30. Live From Philly

  31. Hollywood
    George O'Brien

  32. Summer Of 2013
    The Rob Perna Band Live

  33. Up From The Swamp
    T Harris Express

  34. Live In Kempton (4-11-14)
    Mystery Fyre

  35. Dub King
    King Lionheart

  36. One Art Benefit Concert

  37. The Future Of Consciousness
    Air Play

  38. Heart Of The Ghetto
    King Lionheart Compilation

  39. New York And Back
    Splat And The Shoeshines

  40. The Arktic Motion
    The Rick Reinhart Band

  41. Bring Me The Rain
    Evi Kim

  42. Benefit For Beth Concert
    Live At Wallstreet


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Out In The Woods Records is a Philadelphia based independent record label specializing in synergy, transcendence, multi dimensional, off the map vibrations.

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